Dominating Social Media

For many, Facebook is the internet. Facebook has 1.18 billion daily active users who on average spend at least 50 minutes a day there. Is your business taking full advantage social media? Let us help you with your social marketing needs.

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Why social marketing should not be ignored

With 65% of American adults and 90% of young adults actively on social media, it has quickly become an emerging market every company wants to tap into. With most young adults who use social media just beginning to enter the labor force, companies are realizing that they have increasing buying power and know it has become an essential way to stay engaged and connected with their user base. Social media also allows you it to communicate upcoming sales, promotions, as well as offer incentives to being connected online by offering coupons to social media following members only. With our social marketing team, we can help you target potential customers by generating ads buys geared directly towards the kind of quality customers you want. This lowers your cost per click and generate a higher lead conversion.

We can also have our design team work with you to help brand your social media accounts with your company logo and colors for a more cohesive user experience as well as design professional eye catching and engaging ads that meet social media guidelines without blending into sea of memes. Our marketing team can also work to create and share your company's story

Social Marketing Process

  1. Help build a social presence
  2. Promote your business with social ads on LinkedIn and Facebook
  3. Manage your ad campaigns
  4. Build Facebook Pages
  5. Brand your Social Media accounts
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We Want to Help

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